Technology surrounds us everyday in our homes and our travels. Home tech is supposed to fade into the background when working properly. Making it work the way we expect should be intuitive. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Below is a list of some of the areas where Tech-Ally can assist you with your everyday technology needs. If you need a hand setting up that new gadget, making that “smart home” product work with all your online accounts, have general questions about your computer or mobile device, or if you just need a refresher tutorial on how something works, please reach out by phone, email or via the contact page.

Windows Computers
  • General support – desktops & laptops
  • Tutoring available
Apple Mac Computers
  • General support – desktops & laptops
  • Tutoring available
Mobile devices
  • General support
    • Apple iPhones or iPads
    • Android Phones or Tablets
  • Tutoring available
WiFi and network issues
  • Connectivity troubleshooting
  • Increase wireless range and extend wired connections
Security & best practices
  • Managing passwords and sensitive records
  • Computer/mobile device encryption
    • “Full disk” or selective encryption
  • Computer/mobile device backups
  • Malware & virus protection
Hardware purchasing/consulting
  • Quotes available